40 Days Bible Reading Plan for New Christians Believers

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Congratulations for being a New Christian. Are you wondering how do I start in reading the bible and understand the bible?

Below is a list of 40 Days Bible Reading Plan to have an overview of the Bible by reading some of the best loved passages. Set aside 10 to 20 minutes each day to read these scriptures.

Day 1-40 Scripture Topic
Day 1 Genesis1-2 Creation
Day 2 Genesis 3 Beginning of Sin
Day 3 Genesis 15;17:15-27 God's Covenant with Abraham
Day 4 Genesis 21:1-7;22 God's Faithfulness / Abraham's Faith
Day 5 Exodus 3-4 God Calls Moses to Deliver His People
Day 6 Exodus 20 The Ten Commandments
Day 7 Joshua 1 Conquering the Promised Land
Day 8 1 Samuel 16-17 David and Goliath
Day 9 1 Kings 3; 8:1-9:9 King Solomon's Wisdom
Day 10 1 Kings 18 Prophet Elijah
Day 11 2 Kings 25 Siege of Jerusalem
Day 12 Daniel 2-3 Daniel in Babylon
Day 13 Ezra 3 Rebuilding the Temple
Day 14 Isaiah 9, 53,61 Isaiah's Prophecy of the Messiah
Day 15 Luke 1-2 Birth of Jesus
Day 16 John 1:1-18 Who is Jesus?
Day 17 Luke 4:14-44 Jesus Begins His Ministry
Day 18 Matthew 5-6 Jesus Teachings
Day 19 John 3 God's Love for the World
Day 20 John 5 Jesus' Miracles and Authority
Day 21 John 11 Jesus' Power Over Death
Day 22 John 15 Christian Life Defined
Day 23 John 17 Jesus' High Priestly Prayer
Day 24 Matthew 26-27 Arrest and Crucifixion of Jesus
Day 25 John 20 Resurrection of Jesus
Day 26 Luke 24 Ascension of Jesus
Day 27 Acts 2 Coming of the Holy Spirit
Day 28 Acts 9 Conversation of Saul
Day 29 Acts 16 Gospel Spreads to Europe
Day 30 Acts 26 Paul's Defense of the Christian Faith
Day 31 Romans 3 Justification of Faith Alone
Day 32 Romans 7-8 Battle With Sin
Day 33 1 Corinthians 13 Way of Love
Day 34 1 Corinthians 15 Power of the Resurrection
Day 35 Galatians 5 Freedom in Christ
Day 36 Ephesians 6 Whole Armor of God
Day 37 Philippians 1:18--2:18 Christ's Example
Day 38 Colossians 3:1-7 Put on the New Self
Day 39 James 1 Pure Religion
Day 40 Revelation 21-22 New Heaven and Earth


Another suggested good way to get started is to read through some of the key books in the Bible. Below is a list of suggested books to start off :

        • John
        • Luke
        • Matthew
        • Mark
        • Genesis
        • Exodus
        • Romans
        • Psalm 1, Psalm 23, Psalm 27, Psalm 51, Psalm 91, Psalm 103, Psalm 121, Psalm 139
        • Ephesians

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