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This book talks about Christ Unite founder Janice Ong encounter with God & the saints on Tuesdays. How God has spoken to her. Most of it was during her time doing church work. In 2018, She gets to work for a few months in church on Tuesday and encountered many things that were unique experiences. She is sharing with you what she had experienced while working in church and what she had heard from Him and learn from Him. Some days were other days of the week that were unique experiences which she is also sharing. Most of the writing in this book is still about Tuesdays with God.

This book is written about Tuesdays with God as that period of her time working in church were mainly Tuesdays that she hears from Him most often.

There is also testimony sharing how God reached out to her on Christmas Day on Tuesday in 2012.

During 2018 Christmas season, 2019 New Year’s Eve and 2019 New Year’s Day some things happened which makes her decided to write this book.

God’s constant reminder from old to new life, from death to life.

As Janice reflect what has happened since 2020 with Covid-19 with many people around the world affected, Churches now has to go online to do ministry work, Janice realize God has planned for her to be at church at various dates, time, place for His purpose. Her work in Church for the creation of a new website is to prepare for what lies ahead. She realize the importance of Never Give Up. She also realize through this Church work, God has given her the gift of teaching.

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