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Singapore Circuit Breaker started on 7 April 2020 where whole of Singapore was in lock down to prevent the spread of Covid 19. Everybody was required to stay at home. Only essential services were allowed to operate. People were only allowed to step out of their house to buy groceries, food. No dine in allowed. Only take away. Schools, shops and churches were closed.

On 6 April 2020, a day before Singapore Circuit Breaker my mum told me after I come back from work that her right leg was in pain. It was late when I came back home, didn’t bring mum to see Dr. Next day 7 April 2020 was circuit breaker. Mum was still feeling pain in her leg. As it was circuit breaker, I was reluctant to go out because of Covid 19. I didn’t bring mum to see Dr immediately. It was only when mum told me she was in great pain and couldn’t walk then I decided to bring her to our neighborhood polyclinic. That day, I had to use my home office chair with wheels to let her sit down and push her to get to the bus stop to the polyclinic as she can’t walk. It was hard, difficult as our HDB carpark is rough surface making it difficult to push her. I didn’t expect I will need to push her on an office chair. When we reached the polyclinic, the Dr requested my mum to do an X-Ray on her leg. The Dr upon seeing the X-Ray immediately told us we need to go to hospital A&E immediately. Mum’s right leg bones were seriously broken. I immediately brought my mum to NUH National University Hospital A&E on a taxi. At NUH A&E, mum was put on a leg cast and was told need to see a specialist. We managed to get an early appointment to see the specialist and the Dr happened to be the head of Orthopaedic Surgery a Senior Consultant. He told me my mum’s lower right leg bones more than 95% were fractured. May require surgery if doesn’t heal. He said he won’t do anything to the leg except put her on Aircast boot, asked me to get a wheelchair for her as she will not be allowed to walk for a few months. He will see if it can heal naturally.  He was surprised to see my mum’s leg condition as this condition happened to some NS men who do long marches and hurt their legs. I told him it could be because of my mum’s basketball exercise. He was surprised when he heard my mum can play basketball at her age. When I heard need to get wheelchair, I wondered can I get a wheelchair quickly for mum during Circuit Breaker. I search on some marketplaces, finally manage to buy a new wheelchair and get it delivered. Was thankful to be able to get the wheelchair. I was not used to looking after mum in her wheelchair as a lot of things she can’t do on her own. It was difficult taking care of her. Mum’s right leg had also become bigger as it was swollen. Her shoes couldn’t fit for her right leg. I need to buy new shoes bigger size for her. There are also other things in the house that need some work to accommodate my mum for her convenience.

During that time, I was doing a course and had to stop my course temporary because of her. Mum had a few months of follow up with this Dr and other Drs. I was glad that we had a Senior Consultant HOD for consultation. After a few months, Dr said mum’s leg is healing from the new X-Ray scan result, there are new soft bones growing at the fracture areas. She can start to try walking bit by bit. Mum started walking bit by bit over the weeks and eventually no wheelchair was required. She can walk normally. No surgery was required. We were very happy that mum’s right leg has healed naturally. All thanks to God for healing her and providing us with good Drs especially the Senior Consultant Dr who by faith trust in naturally healing. God has being hearing my prayers and my brothers and sisters in Christ prayer for my mum. Thank God for answering our prayer. Is being a learning lesson from God for 6 months.  Also, I was glad I can go back and resume my course in October and my life can be back to normal.  

Tomorrow 22 November 2021 is 1 year 7 months 17 days since my mum’s incident, I will be bringing my mum to a clinic to do a bone density test to check on her right leg bones which the Dr requested to do 1 year later after her last appointment. I believe and trust that my mum’s leg bones are well as she is walking well and not in pain. God’s appointed date to have the bone density test tomorrow. By faith, I believe and trust in His presence, protection and healing. All will be well. To God be the Glory.

May this testimony helps you to believe and trust in God’s miracle healing.


Founder of Christ Unite


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