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 Above Youtube video is an updated version that include Janice baptism journey, baptism experience and she receiving 3 gifts from God on her baptism. Watch to find out. 

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Hi my name is Janice from Christ Unite, today I am going to share with you my testimony how I get to know Christ.

I have always want to go to New Zealand when I was young. In 2012, finally I managed to go. I got 1 month leave approval for the month of December after many attempts for my leave to be approve. My previous job had brought me to many places in Europe for work and I have accumulated mileage points for Kris flyer. I used the miles to get free air ticket to New Zealand and I just paid for the airport taxes. One of the things I like to do in New Zealand is to see whales so I planned my itinerary to be in Kaikoura on 24 December Christmas Eve and to leave Kaikoura on 25 December Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve while in the bus, my bus driver told my tour group she will only leave in the afternoon the next day as is Christmas Day. This is different from what the original bus schedule plan from the tour bus company. Someone started passing to us small piece of paper while in the bus which let us know that on 25 December there is a Christmas Day service at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church (St Paul’s On The Hill). When we arrived in Kaikoura, the weather condition was not suitable to see any whales. I was a bit disappointed. Next day on Christmas Day morning, I walked around the small town but most of the shops are closed. I saw a sign that points me to the church that’s was mentioned in the small piece of paper. I wondered should I go, will I make it time to the bus in the afternoon as the church is at a hill not knowing how high is the hill. I decided to go and have a look. To my surprise is just a small little hill up is just a few mins walk from the street and the church faces the beautiful Kaikoura Sea. When I arrived at the church, service just ended. People were walking out of the church but I decided to walk in and take a look at the church. I walked to the front pew area and there I saw baby Jesus Christ at the cradle. I decided to take a photo. See the photo I have taken. 

baby Jesus Christ

As I walked out of the church, I decided to stay outside the church premises for a while and took some photos of the church building.

St Pauls Presbyterian Church St Pauls On The Hill

After finishing taking the photos, there was still time for lunch and I went to a nearby fish and chips store. The food was really good and the staff treated me really well. After lunch, I took the bus and left Kaikoura for Picton. While in the bus, I don’t know why but I kept seeing churches and Cross. When I was at Picton, I kept seeing churches and Cross too. There was even a big Cross at a hill.  I have paased the same journey from North Island to South Island a few days ago I didn’t notice any church or Cross and now when I made the journey from Kaikoura to the tip of South Island at Picton, I just keep seeing noticing churches and Cross. At my hostel, there was free food as it was Christmas Day and the hostel had their own home made chocolate pudding which were free too. I like the chocolate pudding, it was the best I ever had. Can’t find that taste anywhere. When I was experiencing all these, I felt a sense of joy. That time it was quite a number of years since I celebrated Christmas. Dad had passed away on 30 December 2006 and I had not celebrated Christmas since 2006 till that day. His birthday is actually on 23 December. For the month of December Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Chinese New Year, I didn’t celebrate these festive seasons for many years. All these years, I have been blaming myself for the wrong decision I had made, many mistakes and many sinful things I have done. Thinking about this after I become a Christian, God knows my pain and suffering and want me to know He knows my pain and wants me to turn to Him. He has forgiven me. He has reviewed Himself to me on Christmas Day. A unique day the day He was born. When I become Christian and read and heard about the shepherds who were the first to know about Jesus birth and went to see him, I was amused. I discovered Jesus Christ also on Christmas Day. God brought me from Singapore to New Zealand to see His birth, His Cross and His Church. However, I did not immediately become Christian on Christmas Day.

In the past, every year since my dad passing, I will go to the temple and pay my respect to him where his urn is. I had planned for me to be back in Singapore on 30 December that year after my New Zealand holiday. When I was backed on 30 December in the early morning past midnight, when I opened my home door my mum heard me and come out of the room to see me and told me her right hand couldn’t bend and in pain for a few days. I left the luggage and brought her to A&E hospital immediately. Dr thought that it was gout and gave her some gout medicine and arrange for a follow up specialist appointment. I didn’t went to the temple that day. 1st time didn’t went. On the day of Dr visit to see the specialist, it was a Senior Consultant that spoke to me and my mum, he told us mum’s right hand condition is due to old age arthritis and cannot be cured. There is no medication for it and he can only give some plasters for my mum’s hand. I didn’t believe that mum’s hand cannot be cured. I didn’t believe in the Doctor. You know what happened. After a few months, my mum’s right hand become healed completely. She can bend her hand. No pain. No medication needed at all and we didn’t even see other Doctors for treatment. When I thought of this incident after I become Christian, it’s all because of God’s help. God is merciful and gracious to me and my mum. God knows exactly what happened. He was already present in my life just that I didn’t notice it. That period I was not a Christian yet, I didn’t pray to God about healing my mum. Yet He helped me, He helped us. In a way this has become a testimony for my mum and me to share with others after we become Christian.

Now let’s talk about how I become Christian eventually. My life was at first doing well when I was working at my previous job until I quit my job in 2014. Life start turning downhill. I had some personal problems, my apps advertisement income suddenly drop dramatically, my new business was not doing well and I couldn’t find a new job. God knows my pain, problems and He sent an old friend whom I haven’t met for many years who suddenly contacted me shortly before my downfall. I was still doing well when she contacted me before my downfall. I even got a bigger responsibility role in my job, my apps advertisement income were giving me more than my salary income and I had won lucky draw. All these change, when I made a wrong decision to quit my job and plan to go to Hong Kong. When I changed my mind to go to Hong Kong and stick to staying in Singapore, I thought my apps advertisement income will give me a good regularly income. I was wrong. All of a sudden, my income dropped tremendously. I tried to start a business but was unsuccessful. I tried to look for a job but I can’t find any. My friend whom God sent to me is a Christian, she was there for me in my struggle. She talked to me about God and wrath. One day I decided I want to go and visit church, I told her about it. She said she will get back to me. After a while, she contacted saying she has asked her friend for me to go to her church. She said her friend will get back to her with a date. I waited for her reply. After a few weeks, finally I got her reply and her friend says she can meet me up with me and bring me to her church. I went. My 1st day at her church a Bible Presbyterian church, I was still upset and angry why all these things were happening to me. Her pastor met me for a while. She also helped to arrange for a follow up meeting with her pastor. I visited her church a few times and keep asking questions. Trying to find answers. The answers from the pastor when I met him couldn’t satisfy me. I was still in pain. I then decided I want to go visit my friend’s church an Evangelical Free Church instead and decided to go and visit her church on the eve of my birthday 3 Aug 2014. My friend knowing is my birthday next day gave me a book written by a pastor. That day after the English Service, the Chinese Service happened to conduct water immersion baptism and I got to witness it. The baptism candidates seem so happy after the baptism and people went over to them and congratulate them. That sight caught my attention. As I went back home, I started to read the book my friend gave me and it caught my interest and I decided to go and visit his church that Sunday which happened to be 10 Aug 2014 one day after Singapore National Day. That day, I saw what a big church he has and I managed to get a seat and listen to his sermon. At the end of the sermon, the pastor called for an invitation for people to accept Christ into their life. I cried and accepted Christ into my life that day. For the 1st time, I feel God understand my pain and He was there for me. To be frank, is not the sermon that touches me that day as I can’t remember what is the sermon about. Is the invitation call to accept Christ that day, the Holy Spirit caused me to say Yes. After the service, I received some reading materials. My Christian life started from that day after I accepted Christ into my life. I told my 2 friends about it and they were delighted with the news. It took 1 year 7 months 17 days for me to become Christian since God pursue me on 25 December 2012.

I was invited to my friend’s friend cell group which she has just started leading and I accepted. My friends also encourage me to sign up for BSF and I did and manage to get in. Thank God. I was very happy during my 1st year as a Christian is like honeymoon period a very loving relationship with God. Very zealous for God and started to be able to understand the Bible. Beside the joy of becoming a Christian, God also blessed me and my mum by touching upon my mum’s heart telling me she wants to go to church on her 65th birthday. She didn’t know I had accepted Christ and had gone to church the past 2 weeks. Is amazing what God had done and God knows I was also wondering who to bring to church for a Chinese service for Mid-Autumn Festival. He provided my mum for me. The day I brought my mum to the Chinese service at my former church, my mum accepted Christ that day. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace. Both of us attended that church for a few months. God lead both of us to leave that church shortly after and brought me to a Presbyterian Church which I did my BSF and my mum to a BP church and later she went to an independent church and got baptized. I stayed at the Presbyterian Church for 5 Years and serve there in the Library, Photography and Website Ministry. After 5 years, as I have been wanting to get baptize in water immersion all these years I decided to leave this Church as the Church don’t do water immersion only sprinkling and I can’t take any Holy Communion. I feel a bit left out and sad. God knows and lead me to eventually to come to a Church near my home on 2 Feb 2020 last year. I come to know there is a prayer retreat coming up on 11 January 2020. Seeing this information get me interested and I decided to go for the prayer retreat, I am glad I did. One of my prayers was immediately answered the next day and the prayer retreat provided me with rest and silence quiet time with God. I needed very much during that period as I was unhappy over many things. Over at the retreat, I also get to meet some friendly sisters & brothers in Christ. I feel the warmth in them. I feel welcome here. The following weeks after the retreat as I visited this Church, people come over to me and welcome me. Some of them remember me and also what I shared at the retreat. They even remembered my name. I was surprised and happy to hear that. After attending this Church for a while, I finally decided to get baptize here. God has answered my desire to find a church that has water immersion, able to take Holy Communion (I was very happy I was able to take Holy Communion with the participants at the prayer retreat). I got baptize last year on 7 November 2020. Looking at the date of baptism reminds me of His presence and also during my baptism although it was raining that day, I don’t feel cold when I entered the baptism tub and did my water immersion. I find the water just nice. Not cold. When I asked my pastor whether the water was heated before the baptism, he said no. The water was from the tap and put in the tub in the early morning and plus with rain water to it as the baptism tub was out in in the open. I was amazed. God definitely was present making the water not cold for me. It could also be the flames of fire faith. That baptism day, I was also blessed with having some Jordan River water in the baptism tub. My pastor had kept some of the Jordan River water and brought back to Singapore. Beside this blessing, I was also blessed to have a well known Christian worship songs singer Don Moen singing that day before my baptism time, during my baptism time and after. Got to see him sang before my baptism. It was through Zoom live streaming. A few months after my baptism, I watched the recording of the worship that day as I only get to see the front part on my baptism day as I need to make my way to church for my baptism. Surprised to see and hear him say he and his team came to Singapore often in August in the past and his sound engineer celebrated his birthday on 4 Aug in Singapore a few times when they came to Singapore. That day 4 Aug is my birthday too. What a surprise, God has brought Don Moen to me to tell me He remembers me my birth on my baptism day which is also my new birthday. He really loves me. What a blessed day 7 November 2020 was, an important day to remember.

Counting the number of years and month for me to take my baptism after God reach out to me in New Zealand. I just realized is about 7 years 11 month for me to finally get baptize after God reach out to me back in New Zealand. The date of my baptism was 7 November. What a coincidence. God wants me to remember about Him. He is also telling me He remembers me. All these years all along He is a faithful God who loves me, provide for, take care of me, never leaves me. Jesus is a good friend who is loyal, faithful, steadfast love who never leaves me even though I fall many times. He is merciful and gracious to me forgiving me for my sins. He is there for me when I feel hurt, sorrow and pain. He provides His timely word and His people to encourage me. He is also a healer who has healed me and my mum. Do read about the testimony of my mum and my healing in another post. Praise the Lord.

Counting the number of years and month for me to take my baptism after I accepted Christ on 10 August 2014.  It took 6 years 2 months 28 days, total of 2281 days on 7 Nov 2020 then I have my baptism. What a long wait.

My own personal conviction about getting water immersion in church has lead me to a long struggle with the church over my conviction and some of my friends. They are not happy over my stand, my believe for the reasons of having water immersion. Am I wrong about my decision? No, I don’t think I am wrong. In fact, I think my previous church really need to change their policy over water immersion. Why does the pastor able to have water immersion when he went for mission trips to baptize new believers in other countries? Yet in Singapore, he and the church leaders don’t allow this to happen in Singapore. He gave all kinds of excuses such as no place suitable for baptism. No baptism pool. This is not a right excuse as there are portable baptism pool. In fact, I was baptize in a big portable baptism pool which can move around. There are plenty of space to conduct the baptism in my former church but the church leaders not to have water immersion. They insist of having sprinkling as a form of baptism. I just find all their excuses not valid. Don’t feel convicted. Baptism should be water immersion to identify with Christ, his death and resurrection.

I had my baptism during the 1st year of Covid 19, Singapore had strict rules and regulations to follow to have baptism. The Church needs to get authorities approval and only 5 guest can be invited as witness for my baptism. Thank God the authorities approve and I can have my baptism. During the day of my water immersion, it was raining I was concerned as will it still rain during my baptism. My mum told me if it still rain, she will not come for my baptism. She doesn’t like to go out when it rains. I was upset when I heard this. I told my friends about it. Think they prayed for me. My mum later changed her mind and went with me because is not having heavy rain. Thank God is drizzle rain not heavy rain. While waiting in the morning before going to church, I saw a white bird knocking on my bedroom window door as if wanting to fly in to my room. I have close my windows as it was raining. Strange sight. When I saw this, I thought of Jesus having a white dove flying over him, descended upon him after his baptism which is the Holy Spirit descended upon him and then God the Father voice came from heaven saying "You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased." Seeing this white bird makes me happy as is a reminder that God is pleased with me I am her beloved daughter.

Another special memory is my baptism day is also Don Moen Worship Conference In Singapore. Is an online service as he couldn’t come because of Covid-19 restrictions. I get to watch the service for a while before going for my baptism. Get to listen and sing worship song before my baptism. Very happy. Thank God.

Another pleasant surprise during my baptism is my pastor brought some Jordan River water for my baptism. He kept some of the water during His Israel tour and brought back to Singapore. My baptism water was added with the Jordan River water. This makes me very happy as I wanted to get baptize in Jordan River just like Jesus. I get to do it now in Singapore without going to Jordan River. So happy. Thank God.

There is still another surprise, remember it was raining that day. The water I was baptize was filled up with tap water and put in public with no cover shelter so it has rain water and should be cold too. But when I walk into the baptism tub, it was not cold at all. Temperature is perfect. I thought pastor had arranged for the water with hot water, when I asked him he said no. There was no filling of hot water. I was baptize in the rain in the tub with water that was not cold. I didn’t shiver when I make my declaration in the baptism tub in the rain. I realized I must be filled with the holy spirit that’s why I don’t feel cold.

Amazing to receive God’s 3 gifts that day during my baptism, the gift of Holy Spirit, the gift of worship, the gift of anointed water from Jordan River.

Thank you O Lord for your amazing love, grace towards me your beloved daughter.

I hope my sharing of my baptism experience brings encouragement to you. Do share with others if you find it good. Help to like the video and subscribe to Christ Unite channel to be updated of future videos. Thanks for watching. God bless.

I hope this testimony encourages you. May you believe in God and trust in Him.

God bless.


Founder of Christ Unite

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