Outreach & Social Concern

We like to help the special needs (Autism, Down Syndrome) and disabled people this year. If you need help, wants to know more about God please contact us. If you are looking for a place for your special needs child, friend or sibling to learn about social skills or God, please contact us. We do not charge any fees, our goal is to provide support, comfort to you and your loved ones.

Thank God, we have successful found our 1st beneficiary who has Cerebal Palsy to bless her with our giving of 1 pre-used manual Wheelchair and 1 pre-used adjustable height shower chair, God is faithful and good. He provided people to let us know who to give and people to do the delivery. The benefiary and her family are delighted with the blessings. No more using old children wheelchair. Now has adult wheelchair and a shower chair with hand grip. The benefiary has grown up in her 20s now and in need of adult wheelchair instead of children wheelchair which she had used since young. Glad we can help her. Seeing her happy face makes our day. Glad day when we see her happy face. May we be able to be a blessing to many more people.

outreach social concerns diabled disability special needs

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We are also looking for volunteers as well for our ministry, if you like to be part of our ministry please contact us,